Febco 765 Backflow Preventers


Febco 765 Pressure Vacuum Breakers are required by local codes and need to be installed to protect homeowners against possible siphonage of potential harmful liquids into your drinking water supply. Dont not skip out on this part! Make sure you and your family are protected!

Backflow Preventers are required by law for all lawn sprinkler systems!

 Backflow can be described as the unwanted reverse flow of water or mixtures of water and other harmful substances from your lawn (such as used water, lawn chemicals, Fertilizers etc). The Febco 765 Backflow Preventer is the industry standard for protecting your drinking water and keeping your family safe..



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The Febco 765 Backflow Preventer is known by several different names here are just a few: Febco 765-1, Febco Pressure Vacuum Breaker, Febco PVB, Febco VAC, Febco Breaker, Febco 1" PVB, Febco 1" VAC, Febco Backflow Device, and Febco Backflow Preventers.

Febco Backflow Preventer Device Installation Directions

    Febco Backflow Preventer Device Installation or Care Instructions:
    • Install your Febco 765 Backflow Pressure Vacuum Breaker in a location that easily accessed for future servicing.
    • Do not install the Febco 765 Backflow device to pipe lines until after the line has been completely flushed. If the lines are not completely flushed of any foreign materials, the check members of the device can easily become fouled. This will result in dis-assembly of the unit and a thorough cleaning to be performed.
    • Install the Febco 765 Backflow device so the Air Inlet will operate in a vertical position. Any other manner or position of installation will cause your Febco Backflow device to malfunction.
    • It is normal for the Febco PVB to periodically "spit". This is caused by instantaneous siphon conditions and pressure surges. Install your Febco 765 in an area where certain water can flow without causing any harm.
    • As you are installing the device in line, place your wrench on the ball head hex ends only and be sure to keep plumbers putty off the interior surfaces of the valve.
    • After your device has been installed, open inlet ball valve of the Febco to pressurize the device. Do this by slowly opening the outlet ball valve to fill the down-stream line.
    • Your Febco Backflow Preventer must be kept from freezing. In cold climates you must have your lawn sprinkler system winterized or blown out using compressed air. This should be perforomed by a qualified sprinkler service technician. Freezing of the backflow device will result in damage to the unit and will not only render the unit useless, but, if used without proper repair will potentially endanger the drinking water to your home.
    • Carefully following all of the above guidelines will provide you and your sprinkler system a long life and many years of continued use.


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